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Sleekline is available in the following variants described below. With each alternative there is a choice of connections between the uprights and the top rail. You may prefer a scallop finish for pure simplicity or the more elegant stem finish. With the introduction of a hardwood top rail, the combinations can be further enhanced.


All stainless steel tubing is either grade 316 or 304. Our exclusive joining system gives the installation a sleek, contemporary appearance. A bright polished finish or a brushed satin effect can be created to specification.


A wide range of infill panels may be specified. Including; toughened glass, a variety of metal panels, solid grade laminates, tubular mid rails or stainless steel tension wires.


These will be designed to complement the balustrade top rails.


The inherent strength that only stainless steel and mild steel posses will ensure that structural requirement are confidently achieved.


All metal components are made of mild steel that are treated and finished with a polyester coating chosen from the extensive RAL colour range, which includes metallic. Colours can be selected to complement those of the décor or to provide a contrast. A combination of colours is also possible and can create a very striking appearance. Finishes can be chosen form a selection of full gloss, satin or matt.


This variant combines stainless steel components with those of the polyester coated mild steel and possibly with other materials such as selected hard woods for the handrails. Such varied combinations provide the opportunity to design something truly original.
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